mugs and mountains

Always been happy and thankful for this beautiful person, who never ceases to make me happy. Thank you  Hazel for the YAH mug…mwah!

July 2014 / You are here mug

the hottest foods I’ve ever tasted even if you requested for a “little bit spicy” hahahah!…

I’ve got with me a Kuala Lumpur relief mug. (“,)

June 2014 / relief mug

KL, Malaysia

I’ve got a chance to be at this place, the cleanest city so far that I’ve ever been. Most of the time I am under the sun while roaming around the city and yet my hair smells terrific hahahah!

I wouldn’t be coming back without taking with me a starbucks mugs, this time it’s demitasse. =)

June 2014 / demitasse


Thank you Gene and Engel. You both never forget (“,)

Happiness it is!

June 2014 / Artistry

Thank you Cheeya for your super duper uber effort for this. It may not be the one that I asked you but still - I’m very happy for this. (“,) - thanks!

May 2014 / Starbucks City Mug

Thank you so much Manny! the best ka talaga (“,)

May 2014 / Demitasse

Thank you so much Manny! the best ka talaga (“,)

May 2014 / Demitasse

I’ve got ya!!!! (“,)

Thank you Melvin for making this happened. Thank you too, to your sister Eilyn. Until next request (“,)

May 2014 / Starbucks Relief mug

Here’s another one from ate Gem.  Thank you so much!

(at the back of the mug )

The Liberation Tower is the second tallest structure in Kuwait.It was meant to be called The Kuwait Telecommunications Tower. The Construction of the tower stopped during the Iraq Invasion and was resumed after the Iraq’s forces were expelled in 1991. Upon completion in 1993 , the tower was renamed The liberation tower , symbolizing the Kuwait’s liberation from Iraq.

April 2014 / Starbcuks City Mug

I asked him once but he never made a promise and I never expected anything…

What made me surprised and glad was the gesture of this lady who stood like my padrino…ang lakas nang connections…hahahahah!

Thank you sooo mucho Kuya Bernie and to you Ate GEM… a big big Thank you!…you put a smile that is from ear to ear ^__________^

….This madness of collecting SB mug made me realized how special I am, seeing all the efforts of my friends and family is oh so so big deal…

Thank you!

Starbucks City Mug

I am trying to recall how I reacted when I get hold of this…^_________^

I am super excited and happy and delighted and fortunate and lucky…

JaySan - Arigato!

// Feb. 24,2014 // Pamsky

"pa-birthday, pa-pasko" - yes na yes Sir Don (",)

Thank you so much Sir Don!

// Feb. 17,2014 // pamsky

Macau in Coron (“,)

Ta Petit has her own way of surprising us…this mug is for my sister…

Thank you Ta Petit not just for the mug but for a great Coron trip! - the best ka! (“,)

// Feb 11,2014 // pamsky

Mt. Tapyas | Coron Palawan

Dennis, our tour guide told me, that Mt. Tapyas is the highest mountain in Coron, at 210 meters ASL.

During our stay in Coron I had the chance to climb it twice, first was to catch the sun set and second the sun rise.

Sun set - I was with a new friend,Jzel. it was so unfortunate that we did not witness the sunset as it was raining. But on top - it was overwhelming as I can see the coron island, a beautiful sculpture of nature.



Sun rise - I was with my Tita,cousin and my sister. we started as early as 5:30 am to make sure we can view the sun rising. It is my pride that my sister wanted to try it out as there’s stairways in going up with handrail. I went up ahead of them as they knew I really wanted to witness the sun rising (“,).

724 steps to reach the top, lucky me this time as I captured this:


wonderful! amazing!

but it’s not just that..I am so proud of my sister…I was surprised that when I was about to went down to meet her (as she stopped to go up), she’s 10 steps away..


I was so happy! yes, she did it! yes she can!



I will never ever forget this. (“,)

Thank you Lord, for this wonderful experience.

Anne, you’re the one who first gave me a set of demitasse, from there on…I’ve got a lot.

and now you gave me amug with a logo…nice! - made me feel a little more love coming to me hhahahaha!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much Joy Carmelle!!!

I may not have HK, but clearly I’ve got Philippines!!!!

I am now completed all Starbucks mugs in the Philippines (“,)