Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu Batangas / Oct 11,2014

oh, and yes we met again, Mt. Batulao (my second this year and third time ☺)

It was in the best effort of Jane, to make this hike possible. I am just a support ☺.

it was  their first, I guess, they were excited and scared too. Excited for the adventure and scared as they don’t know what to expect.( Exactly the same feelings I’ve got when it’s my first.)

There were things that they wanted to do that I think was not necessary because it was a day hike as we planned. But I will not meddle on the excitement and the experience that they’ve picture out on their minds. One thing, I became excited too. lols!

and so we cooked our lunch and it was really fun!



I miss this and realized I got to taste it again in Batulao. Yum! ☺

"baket ang sarap kumain sa tuktok nang bundok? di ba Mark? lolz!




At the campsite. Old trail route.


And now we’re getting ready, physically and mentally to take the challenge of getting to the summit. =)


at last, at the summit and all wet


descending was always easier, but with the rain and muddy trail for the first timer, i say - good job mams and sirs =)


There’s rain and rain stop and rain again. Binyagan na ba? hehehe

It’s my third time in Mt. Batulao.

I’ve been here overnight the first time,a day hike on the second where i encountered rain shower descending and third, I’ve experienced  heavy rains and thunderbolts on our way to the summit. Every climb is a new experienced and a lot of things that I’ve learned and enjoyed. Thank you dear God for all of these.

 A day like this should end with a good reward. Something we enjoy. Something we love to do: EAT!


"nangangamoy bulalo"

Mt. Batulao , Batangas / Oct. 11,2014

I can’t thank you enough Cheeya

You made my being a mugger so enjoyable. an indescribable joy actually. Giving me something that you know would make me smile, I can jump as high as I can just to express how happy and thankful I am ☺

Thank you so much Chee! I super duper love it! =)

Sept. 29,2014 / Net One Center 

We were at Starbucks Glorietta, just chillin’ when your phone rings or you called her, whichever - all we knew was that you were talking on phone with your eyes brimming and that means you’re talking to the love of your life now hahahah!…

And we wanted you to invite her to officially introduce ourselves  but she’s flying to Taiwan and suddenly  MY eyes was brimming hahahah! alam na this!

Thank you Manny and Renelle ( i wish and pray and hopeful to meet you soon enough as in tomorrow?  hahahah)

// Sept. 23,2014 / Demitasse

It was months ago when we talked about your trip to Paris. That day, I asked for a very special favor and you agreed at once, ganun kabilis kausap =)

I never realized it was coming too soon and that you were on a graveyard shift when you flew to Paris, Thanks goodness we have FB - I sent a message but not quite sure if you were able to read it. And i thought I was late,  coz when you came home, No SB mug - a little sad but that’s ok because having SB mug is always and should be a pleasure and NOT with a single panghihinayang. If  it’s for me to have - then I’ll have it.

And then you gave me  a little chance, you said your sister was still in Paris and the picture above speaks for itself….thank you so MUCH Mariane!

you put a wide smile on my face today ^______^

// Sept. 23,2014

The big one was my gift to boss Jords, It was returned in exchange for a new one. He wanted the starbucks black reserve mug better than this. I now admit, I failed to gave what he wanted. During those times, I had 2 choices , and settled for the white one, I’m not sure what really made me chose that..hahaha. maybe it’s personal, trying to give him what I want ahahha. and now it was being returned bwahhaha. (He told me that: He gave me back the white one, because he’s not going to use it anyway, besides I am the “best owner” for that. hahahah…thanks bossing.

the smaller one - was given by Her-Man. I know you doesn’t want your name to be dragged when I say my “gratitudeness” - that is why I gave you an alias hahahah!…

thanks to both of you.

Mt. Batulao, Batangas / Sept. 7,2014

After almost a year and a half- Here we are, a dayhike surmounting Mt. Batulao.


What’s good on this hike? ( at least for me )

1. it was my second in Batulao. It was easier unlike my first - maybe because the trails were familiar

2. it was a dayhike. I carried a lighter bag - that made me less nervous when  we took the new trail going down.

3. lastly, my baba agreed to climb with me. I was overjoyed.


My worries and fear washed away the moment I saw him moved at a regular and cautiously slow pace, enjoying every step of the way. There were playful times though that made my heart dropped and scream - “don’t jump” “please be careful”. hahahah! Maybe these are some reasons why our children do not want to be with us during adventures :p


playful baba , staying for awhile, letting those students getting through their way down ( traffic hehehe) 


4. This time, I’ve experienced this. [crawling going up with the help of this dependable rope (“,) ]. I had a different way, the last time with Manny’s help. (at the other side)


at the summit @ 811 msl

Being with nature is a queer stress reliever. It made me feel that I am alive and blessed, especially that day for my baba is with me.

Thank you for the experience my hike buddies. Thank you dear God. (“,)


Be rational of your steps, I will always be just behind you.


when you are at the middle of your goal, savor it. Enjoy it. Look back.

It will help you not to change from the real you when you were just starting to follow your dreams. (“,)


Be happy being with other people along your journey. Some may break you but don’t lose hope. There are those who will feel the same way as you do when you are happy being with them. Helping. and  above all other else, I am just here. Believing. ♥♥♥


On top. i love those smiles.

When you are up there, do always remember to look down and try to go down too. to stay humane. 


//Mt. Batulao , Batangas.

This is so unexpected. I’ve known no reason why I’ve got this Sb gift cert. He just told me, for the “abala”….wow!…for doing my job. Thank you so much to the both of you, Vince and Grace…

Today, I had a really good time with my coffee and with this mug (“,)

September 16,2014 / Reserve mug

Thank you Ms. Sue for the pasalubong. I didn’t expected  this would turned out to be a pasalubong as I am asking for a favor of buying this for me.

Thank you thank you so much!!!! (“.)

Sept. 9,2014

I asked you if you have someone you knew from Indonesia, you told me: “our Boss”..whoah!…You’re boss is such a kind man. He brought us the Jakarta / Indonesia demitasse. Thank you so much Rhea.

September 9,2014

just a whisper, “I’ll be going to Indonesia and If there is Starbucks in Bali, I’ll buy a mug for you”. What a sweet sound for me and of course I feel excited and delighted.

Thank you Boss Jords for always remembering me and the thing that will make me jump for joy =)

// Sept. 2,2014

Even if we don’t see each other as often as we want, our friendship never falter.

just one message and gee I’ve got this! Thank you so much Jovie Gosalvez. Love all of it and I really enjoyed our 4 hours of being together,not enough though =).

I miss you friend.

//August 2014 / New World Hotel

I always asked you to ask mother Vener for a seattle mug. Until I lose hope because it occurred to me that it was not possible for so many reasons that you told me..BUT it is possible!!! hehehe (“,)

Thank you Mother Vener and bff, Arvin.

//August 2014 / YAH mug