Even if we don’t see each other as often as we want, our friendship never falter.

just one message and gee I’ve got this! Thank you so much Jovie Gosalvez. Love all of it and I really enjoyed our 4 hours of being together,not enough though =).

I miss you friend.

//August 2014 / New World Hotel

I always asked you to ask mother Vener for a seattle mug. Until I lose hope because it occurred to me that it was not possible for so many reasons that you told me..BUT it is possible!!! hehehe (“,)

Thank you Mother Vener and bff, Arvin.

//August 2014 / YAH mug

I’ve got a chance to be at this place, the cleanest city so far that I’ve ever been. Most of the time I am under the sun while roaming around the city and yet my hair smells terrific hahahah!

I wouldn’t be coming back without taking with me a starbucks mugs, this time it’s demitasse. =)

June 2014 / demitasse


Here’s another one from ate Gem.  Thank you so much!

(at the back of the mug )

The Liberation Tower is the second tallest structure in Kuwait.It was meant to be called The Kuwait Telecommunications Tower. The Construction of the tower stopped during the Iraq Invasion and was resumed after the Iraq’s forces were expelled in 1991. Upon completion in 1993 , the tower was renamed The liberation tower , symbolizing the Kuwait’s liberation from Iraq.

April 2014 / Starbcuks City Mug

I asked him once but he never made a promise and I never expected anything…

What made me surprised and glad was the gesture of this lady who stood like my padrino…ang lakas nang connections…hahahahah!

Thank you sooo mucho Kuya Bernie and to you Ate GEM… a big big Thank you!…you put a smile that is from ear to ear ^__________^

….This madness of collecting SB mug made me realized how special I am, seeing all the efforts of my friends and family is oh so so big deal…

Thank you!

Starbucks City Mug